Old Barn Wood, New Well Pump House

100 Year Old Barn Wood

There are times when something new should look as if it is old.  That was the case with this new well pump house built in a horse pasture behind a mountain retreat home on Lookout Mountain. 

Framing Beginning with only a concrete slab and a well pump, Double S Carpentry designed a new well pump house beginning with new materials for the interior.  The well house is insulated. 

The roof is detachable for easy access should the pump need work.

The Roof from the Inside The roof lines are a reflection of the old barn that stands in front of the well pump house. 

As seen from the interior, the roof is detachable, simply lifting off should the need arise. 

The exterior roof was finished with salvaged tin.

Salvaged Materials The door to the well house was removed from the house of the grandmother of one of Double S Carpentry’s owners. 

Over 80 years old and a perfect match for the design of the new well pump house, the door adds the finishing touch to the construction.

Well Pump House The completed well pump house is a new construction, designed by Double S Carpentry.  The attention to detail, the exterior design and salvaged materials blend the new construction into the setting as if it has been there for a hundred years.

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